At Kidstar Radio, we foster creativity, openness and diversity by providing a safe environment for children to think and speak their opinions freely.
Kidstar participants share their opinions respectfully and without causing harm to others who might not share their views. Kidstar participants are leaders and have a responsibility to themselves, their families and their communities to always engage with others with dignity even when others around them do not. If this is not consistent with your values, maybe Kidstar is not the place for you. 

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Every Kid has a Dream, That's how we do it.

The Kidstar program is a fully customize-able program designed to fit a broad variety of needs from schools to home school to the individual looking for something different. Contact Us!

Kidstar Radio is a global organization, and as such all of our training is virtual.  Some modules are live, others are computer-based training modules.  Some group, some one-on-one.  Live on-site training at special events.

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