We produce #Kidtalkradio for global distribution in a safe and creative environment. Our kids grow to become informed and independent in this community. They develop confidence with superior communication and advanced organization skills.


Let’s talk for a moment about impact

We have produced 1,773 shows for VoiceAmericaKids.com.  There were over 500 people involved over the years (including schools) with a conservative estimate of 8,800 hours of work going into this project.

We enjoyed 24,822 listener minutes.  Our listener minutes were higher than any other on the network.

Our website continues to enjoy traffic with an average of 27,000 hits over the last year.  We have 240 likes on Facebook and 939 followers on Twitter.

Connor is our politician and is a member of the White House Press Pool, with those credentials he was able to attend the Democratic National Convention as a member of the press. When asked what he liked best about being part of Kidstar and a member of the White House Press Pool, he thought for a moment and said "Riding on Airforce One".

Lindsey was the host of "Bookworm".  She would read and comment on age appropriate books (well, she does read at an advanced level.) She has a following in Indonesia. They wanted to practice their English. And listening to her show was part of their class.

José, was not just at the bottom of his class He was at the bottom of the school. When he graduated, in his valedictory address, he said that his first responder/military radio show had saved his life. He is a career Marine.

Michael did a cooking show and is now a chef at a major resort. He started with a cooking show interviewing waiters and waitresses, then cooks and restaurateurs. Then he started interviewing teachers at a culinary school. By the time he graduated high school he knew all of the instructors at the school. It made that transition very easy.

Eliana does a cooking show and has published 2 cookbooks with Pelican Books. She now has her own radio show in New Orleans and will appear on the Food Network soon. She has won numerous awards for her cooking and for her shows.


There is the box step, the 2 step, line dancing and the 5 Step.

Kidstar 2.0 is a 5 step process that moves from developing a show/podcast theme to monetizing your show/podcast. 

Step 1. Defining your focus and audience

Step 2. Equipment needed

Step 3. Production – recording to post-production

Step 4. Building an audience

Step 5. Monetizing

There are three levels of involvement: Junior broadcaster, Senior broadcaster and Ambassador.  Each level building on the previous one.


The Grand Picture

Regardless of your entry point into our program the process is the same.  You can enter as a school or as an individual.  While the program is designed to be virtual, it is important to build a local community around the organization.  I envision a local chapter in Phoenix, in Orlando, in Houston, in . . . where-ever two or three kids meet.


Become a Part of this Grand Adventure

Become a Broadcaster, if you are between the age of 9 and 19 you are welcome to become a broadcaster.  We will provide the training necessary to get you on the air.

Become a Supporter/Volunteer, if you are a parent or just someone interested in helping kids you can join us.  Contact us and ask us about the volunteer opportunities available.

There are three things you can do right now to move us along.  Like us on Facebook. Friend us on Twitter. Sign up for Breaking News the newsletter.

Perry Damone created a fantastic empowerment model using radio as a tool to develop character and confidence in our kids.  We work today to preserve his legacy.  Contact us today to get involved.


 Bruce Solsten


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